Why youth today are lazy and irresponsible

When they are not banging on the staff room door, demanding extra help, they are e-mailing their teachers at dead of night, making further demands.

Indeed, childhood is one long self-indulgence. True, many turned out fine.

Why are the youth of today so rude?

Her father, a self-made businessman, is full of regret: But the young of today are worse than preceding generations. Generation Next, two thirds of whom are worried about job opportunities and their grades, appear to be considering their options for the future instead of focusing on more fickle issues.

Some names have been changed. But why then is there such a stigma against them? Gen Y wants its leaders to talk their language on YouTube 15 May The report brought up some surprising results: An inability to talk to people so vital in the workplace - or at least it was before e-mailon the other hand, arises first and foremost from the failure of parents to provide their children with a grounding in basic manners.

The respondents were much more interested in gaining independence: Yes, they had more than I ever did: Please, Generation Next, take a break from stressing about essay structures and go take a look at the latest Barry M colours. It is not surprising that they transfer this attitude on to their employers; what are they there for but to provide them with the job interest and financial reward that they require?

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But many good parents fail to see is that by giving so much to their children, they were actually betraying them. The competition that is rife on social media encourages youth self-pity and self-regard, so much so that the middle-aged and old are seen as either losers or parasites who are frittering away inheritances.

Education and parenting are also at fault in producing many young people with a boffin mentality.

Generation Next: what happened to irresponsible youth?

And their knee-jerk reaction is to lash out and blame someone - their parents. My father was not a good provider so my mother, Jena, worked in a nursery school by day and cooked for functions and took in work as a seamstress by night. No, the young have never been so complacent, pleased with themselves, demanding, unco-operative and downright rude - and seemingly unaware of it.

Big Brother is the shining and, at times, horrific example but there is a mass of television, music, even literature, aimed specifically at under 25s that the rest of us have never heard of.

He had been thrown out a full term before he told them. Advertisement Share or comment on this article: The Demos survey proves it. Social ineptitude, lack of confidence, shyness, intense self-absorption - these are the afflictions of the young. Listening to Sally, and others like her, I am aware of how her advice spared my son and daughter from what would have become my irresistible compulsion to over-provide.

His worst abuse was directed at me, and he used some really filthy language. Sam grew up in a lovely detached house in Oxfordshire. Only 14 per cent of respondents wanted the legal age for buying alcohol to be lowered — a far cry from my taller peers, who would force me to stand outside the corner shop, short and alone.

But who is to blame? It was her fault, and she knew it. Rudeness becomes blazingly apparent when anybody tries to confront the young person about their conduct.

Or, the young whippersnapper who is kindly taken out for a welcoming lunch by their new boss. In both cases, the children were loved and treasured, and their appalling behaviour left their parents feeling like failures.

Why then are parents, teachers, and the government constantly bemoaning the youth of today? But they knew the limits.Rudeness becomes blazingly apparent when anybody tries to confront the young person about their conduct.

A common response to the mildest telling-off is: ''I'm sorry I seem to have upset you", as if it were all the other person's problem and the wretched youth need take no responsibility at all. South Africans are lazy.

South Africans are lazy… some of the laziest in the world, in fact

According to data compiled by The Economist, using information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Journal of Public Health, South Africans are some of the laziest in the world. In the costly designer prams of today lie many who will become the even more selfish brats of tomorrow.

The competition that is rife on social media encourages youth self-pity and self-regard. The youth of today – and I class myself in this bracket – are, apparently, very loud; we’re always binge drinking; we laze around watching E4 in onesies, and totter around in platform heels.

Labelled uncouth and ill-mannered, we have the stigma of. Oct 15,  · lazy,irresponsible and lack discipline. Yahoo Answers Sign in Sign in Mail ⚙ Help. killarney10mile.com - Scholarship Competition With Weekly Winners, Win Scholarship Money With Social Networking Youth today are spoiled, lazy, and rude.

Tweet rss: atom: created by Susan Lesinski days 11 hours 5 minutes ago There are A LOT of lazy, rude and spoiled youth out there today.

But for every lazy ass, spoiled with .

Why youth today are lazy and irresponsible
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