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If you are incapable of listening, the conductor will show you what to feel. Stravinsky says that, more or less, almost all conductors are stupid. Even in the last sentence of the essay Stravinsky includes sarcasm: Being a composer, he must have come across them many times.

The conductor is given a high position in music even though his actual importance to it is small.

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They do not want to be one of the people he describes as not being able to understand the music. Stravinsky uses tropes to enhance his argument against conductors. The upper-class, especially women, naturally do not want others to think this of them.

The secondary audience would be anyone who goes to the performances. Stravinsky is furious about these things. Another strategy Stravinsky uses is sarcasm. Stravinsky states in his passage that like great politicians, conductors need not be creative, nor do they need to be talented.

The language he uses is very harsh. He compares them to politicians and actors, who only care to play themselves and rarely attract people with original minds sets. Secondly, Stravinsky uses comparisons to politicians in order condemn the conductors.

The audience believes that by attending these performances they are intellectuals. As a result of this, the important part of the performance is no longer music but gesture. More essays like this: Doing this takes away the actual meaning of the music relating to how it sounds.

It is obvious that Stravinsky holds a personal grudge against the conductors. Stravinsky wants them, especially women, to stop going to performances in which the music has no effect on the audience as it is intended to. More essays like this: Composer Igor Stravinsky uses unflattering comparisons to politicians and actors as well as sarcasm and negative diction to reveal his point of view that conductors are arrogant fools.

Stravinsky uses language and rhetorical devices to express his point of view.

These people for the most part, are high-class women who sponsor them. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In a few places, he goes beyond his arguments into simple criticisms and attacks the conductors.

Igor Stravinsky

Furthermore, Stravinsky fails to note exactly how a conductor is similar to a politician. The main audience this passage was written for is the upper-class who regularly attends performances. He goes on to explain that conducting is a career based on who the conductor knows and how many people he caters to.

In the passage, Stravinsky a composer of music, describe what Conductors are and what they do. In spite of that, it manages to convince the reader that conducting is not a profession to be admired.

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Stravinsky also compares conductors to great actors who are unable to play anything but themselves. This argument is based more on emotion than logic. It is clear that Stravinsky is not appealing to the logic of the reader, but to his emotions.

Politicians are always thought to be corrupt, dishonest, and sinister.

Igor Stravinsky’s essay Essay Sample

Conductor do not have to be educated on music to do what they do, all they truly need is to look the part of a conductor, and orchastret the orchestra well and people will think of them as great conductors.

The whole passage is more of an insult to all conductors, rather than an informative text. Those who support the conductor tend to look at him during performances and interpret his gestures as the meaning of the music.The Igor stravinsky is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents.

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Igor Stravinsky Essay Essay Sample. The Horrible “Great” Conductors Composer Igor Stravinsky has written a passage that discusses orchestra conductors. Stravinsky uses language and rhetorical devices to express his point of view. Through the tropes, the exigence, and the audience he shows how horrible “great” conductors really are.

Igor Stravinsky Essay Words | 3 Pages. Igor Stravinsky In the passage by Igor Stravinsky, he uses not only comparison and contrast, but also language to convey his point of view about the conductors of the time and their extreme egotism.

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The stravinsky essay
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