Strategy and differentiation of sia

Singapore Airlines crew guide Singapore Airlines employ both female and male cabin crew, although the Singapore Girl is probably the most recognised face of the airline. The aircraft has one of best safety records in the industry, and is a very reliable long-haul workhorse for global airlines.

The special aircrafts for these long-range routes Airbus were sub-branded with meaningful names e. Most relates directly to the strong brand management driven primarily by the SIA boardroom and top-management, and the healthy brand equity as the result of a dedicated, professional brand strategy throughout a diversified, global organisation.

Singapore Airlines – An Excellent, Iconic Asian Brand

Therefore, SIA has decided to launch a new Indian domestic airline called Vistara together with the Indian business conglomerate Tata, serving traffic from a hub out of Delhi in India.

It also has codeshare partners under the global airline partnership and network Star Alliance. Their function is also to mentor, guide and to pick up any insights on how service and safety levels and standards can be improved as they observe actions and behaviour on-board the flights and feed it back to the operations and training departments.

Basis for Differentiation Focus on Customer-centric rather than on Pricing. Inflight supervisors — and any cabin crew — are one of the Strategy and differentiation of sia important assets for Singapore Airlines as they constantly seek to innovate and take their brand to the next level.

Singapore Airlines has been able to deliver some of the best results in the industry by avoiding this type of reactionary behaviour. These factors have prevailed within the SIA organization since then, and served the airline very well as this brand case will illustrate.

The two Boeing s were delivered in end-September Singapore has only slightly over 5 million people, and geographically it is situated in a position where Singapore Airlines may not be able to tap traffic that originates from that part of the world.

In most industries, there are always segments willing to pay for quality brands. Threats posed by competitors: Even during the bad times, SIA is hardly seen using cost as a strategy to win the customers back as they believe the quality of the service would prevail.

All the airlines feed traffic between them, and they share a large number of connecting passengers with SIA. Singapore Airlines is facing major challenges and the following are the key strategic issues that the airline needs to monitor and constantly address proactively in the coming years.

The Singapore Girl, the gentle hostess in her sarong kebaya was born. SIA is able to command a premium price for their tickets especially on West Asia routes with almost none existence of discount available. Its service without the cost advantage would compromise its ability to outearn and outinvest competitors.

Nonetheless, the brand consistently ensures that it is at the forefront of having a well-connected flight network. Singapore Airlines is among the top companies globally that is truly able to control the brand through every interaction and experience despite intense competition.

BySIA operated a record 51 Boeing s, comprising 39 passenger variants and 12 freighters. SilkAir is a regional, full-service carrier serving the region around Singapore. Because mechanical failures are rare, fewer takeoffs are delayed, more arrivals are on time, and fewer flights are canceled.

Singapore Airlines also runs one of the most comprehensive and rigorous recruitment and training programs for cabin and flight crew in the industry to make sure the SIA brand experience is fully and consistently delivered. Unlike most state-owned entities, Singapore Airlines was subject to heavy competition from the onset and this tough start created a driving spirit to compete and also a dedication to branding, especially in the boardroom.

Each brand benefit requires significant investment, careful management and detailed implementation programs to live up to the brand promise. SIA has been able to maintain their brand advantage by not wavering from their brand strategy. Some senior cabin crew like the Chief Stewardess and the Inflight supervisors are trainers and mentors from the Singapore Airlines Academy flying alongside the operating crew.

Throughout the course of their year history, Singapore Airlines has remained true to their brand attributes. Unable to match costs and revenues due to fluctuation in foreign currency exchange rate very volatile. Singapore Airlines also keeps to its strategy of constantly being the first in the world to continually introduce improvements to the brand experience.

They know what they want in order to be a innovator and not follower. The Indian aviation market is tough with high taxes, over-regulation and insufficient infrastructure so SIA needs to manage this new venture with care and diligence to succeed.

Profitability does not come about only by cost controlling. Exchange rate risk as certain costs i. The company competes in the low-cost carrier space through their investments in Tigerair and Scoot.

In Februaryit was the first airline in the world to introduce 3D games on its entertainment system, KrisWorld.SIA’s aircraft spend more time in the air: 13 hours, on average, per day versus the industry average of hours. And, of course, customers like newer planes better.

It’s an unusual dual strategy. 3" INTRODUCTION" We"explore"Singapore"Airlines"as"arevelatory"case"of"how"sustainable"competitive" advantage"can"be"achieved"viamanaging"paradoxes"to"effectively.

Strategy and Differentiation of Sia

Singapore Airlines decided on a fully branded product/service differentiation strategy from the very beginning. Innovation, best technology, genuine quality and excellent customer service were to become the major drivers of the brand. Throughout the course of their year history, Singapore Airlines has remained true to their brand attributes.

After discussing the major issues that SIA is facing we give a SWOT-analysis to recommend a strategy for SIA. Most important trends in the airline industry In our assignment we differentiate different trends that are mentioned in the case study.

SIA customers are willing to pay a premium for the “perceived” product value which is the SIA service-A Great Way to Fly.

Basis for Differentiation Focus on Customer-centric rather than on Pricing. “Human software”- golden inflight standard; specific touch points. SIA’s success in executing a dual strategy of differentiation and cost leadership is unusual.

Indeed, management experts, such as Michael Porter, argue that it’s impossible to do so for a sustained period since dual strategies entail contradictory investments and organizational processes.

Strategy and differentiation of sia
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