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He called for a public referendum on any act of confederation, equal representation for provinces in the upper house, a limited number of members of parliament, a guarantee of a cabinet minister for each Maritime province, the establishment of a court to settle federal-provincial disputes, and strict control over taxation.

Sir Albert Smith died in Dorchester on June 30, The interests of Ontario were entirely distinct and at variance with all the other provinces. When Tilley Sir albert james smith an election early inSmith was ready for him. Smith has not captured the imagination of New Brunswickers as Joseph Howe has captured the imagination of Nova Scotians, yet his opposition to confederation was equally perceptive.

The owners downstream, who had constructed an aboiteau dike on the river, immediately forwarded a petition calling for disallowance of the act to Gordon, who accepted it and, without legal advice or discussion with his attorney general, castigated Smith in a cold, formal letter.

The exclusion of Smith has never been fully explained. Externally, Charles Fisher and the confederates were determined that Smith should not carry confederation and claim the anticipated rewards. Not surprisingly Smith and most other colonial Sir albert james smith who lacked the proper deference come off badly and are relegated to minor roles in a story about imperial officials.

By Smith was regarded as the unofficial leader of the New Brunswick contingent in the House of Commons, generally giving his support to the Liberal-Conservatives. Nor is it surprising that Smith failed to hold his disparate coalition together.

It was a thoroughly chastened Smith who was elected to the House of Commons for Westmorland in We are under the controlling power of Messrs.

He belongs to the radical section of politicians, but, at the same time, is very hostile towards the U. Smith thus received an inside view of the political system while learning his profession.

The members of the council disagreed on most issues and policies, from the militia and railways to external relations and the role of the lieutenant governor. As premier Smith proved unsuccessful as a leader of men. By the late s he was prosperous enough to erect an impressive Georgian mansion for his family.

They implied there was a French and Roman Catholic conspiracy against Protestantism and the empire, with Smith its unwitting tool. He was admitted as an attorney in and was called to the bar in He preferred the privilege of decision-making rather than the responsibility.Jan 27,  · Sir Albert James Smith Albert James Smith was born in Shediac, New Brunswick in to a family of United Empire Loyalists.

He studied law under E.B. Chandler and became a fully-fledged Barrister in Sir Albert James Smith Birthplace: Born in Shediac, New Brunswick in the county of Westmoreland on March 12, Death: Died at age 62 on June 30, after a lengthy illness at his residence in Dorchester, New Brunswick.

Lawyer and politician in Canada, Sir Albert James Smith (–) was born in Shediac, Westmorland county, New Brunswick, on 12 Marchthe third of the seven children of Rebecca Beckwith (–) and Thomas Edward Smith (–), a retail and timber merchant. SMITH, Sir ALBERT JAMES, lawyer and politician; b. 12 March in Shediac, N.B., son of Thomas Edward Smith and Rebecca Beckwith; m.

11 June Sarah Marie Young, and they had one son; d. 30 June at Dorchester, N. B. Albert James Smith’s grandfather, Bowen Smith, was a Massachusetts loyalist who settled in Kingston, N.B., after the American revolution and moved to.

Sir Albert James Smith KCMG PC QC (March 12, – June 30, ) was a New Brunswick politician and opponent of Canadian confederation. Smith's grandfather was a United Empire Loyalist who left Massachusetts to settle in New Brunswick after the American Revolution.

Sir Albert Smith

The Sir Albert Smith Home in Dorchester was designated for being associated with the influence of Sir Albert Smith on provincial and federal politics, with Lady Sarah Marie Young Smith, and with Mount Allison University, as well as for its architecture and for its use as a community development center.

Sir Albert James Smith.

Albert James Smith

The Sir Albert Smith Home is recognized for its association with.

Sir albert james smith
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