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Below, for each of these areas there are two questions that you may like to consider as you continue to collaborate on your MYP units: Identities and relationships, orientation in time and space, personal and cultural expression Key Concepts: Integration of the IB MYP philosophy enhances global awareness, community, caring, environmental responsibility, and encourages a belief in the relevance of scientific study to daily life.

Good luck with your planners! To build confidence in our unit planners, every now and then some feedback is important. Villainous cards drawing ; Fish Out of Water ceramics ; grid drawing; digital photography; improvisational painting Formative Assessment: If a student has completed an oral report, the content must be approached and rewarded in the same way as a written report.

My school organizes a projects exhibition, can this be part of the assessment?

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How can work be standardized if the student is doing their report in an oral format? Examine conditions and effects of life on Earth Course Description Overview: Scientific method, hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, science fair, addiction Formative Assessment: Inquiry questions provide a clear direction for learning and support the critical and creative thinking that is required in the summative task.

As we all get accustomed to the changes introduced in the programme nearly two years ago, our MYP unit planners will continue to improve.

If the strategies for differentiation were a generic list that could be cut and pasted into any unit, could you detect a certain irony in this? Neither the current projects guide nor further guidance document contain instructions for font size or type, or for line spacing. These are just a few areas that stood out to me during the first iterations of the service.

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Where can you find the task-specific clarification, as it is not included the subject guide, or in MYP: The summative assessment task s allow students to demonstrate the selected subject group objectives and their understanding of the statement of inquiry.

MYP schools are responsible for ensuring their candidates indicate an accurate word count. To what degree is a deep understanding of the statement of inquiry necessary for success in the summative assessment task? The MYP unit planners support the connectedness of these journeys. What about double spacing and cover pages?

Should the contents of the bibliography be only the sources which have been used in the report and product, or should they include all sources that have been read and evaluated, even if they were not used in the end?

They utilize these sources to inspire their own designs in: What is the maximum number of appendices allowed?

Kiva Micro-loans; Service rocks Human Ingenuity:Middle School/IB Curriculum. Teacher and peer review, MYP projects. Global Context: Personal and cultural expression, orientation in time and place, 6 + 1 Traits of Writing, Scholastic Professional Books Composition & Creative Writing for the Middle Grades, MacKenzie, Joy.

Identify the circumstances surrounding the writing project. What is going on in the world at large that relates to how you develop and present your project?

Context refers to the occasion, or situation, that informs the reader about why a document was written and how it was written. The way writers. · Define a clear goal and global context for the project, based on • Attend introductory professional development session with the MYP Coordinator in the fallpersonal organization, conventions of academic writing, and referencing.

Professional Academic Writing in a Global Context is a longitudinal study focusing on the politics and practices of academic text production in a global context. Academic writing in a global context: The politics and practices of publishing in English.

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January This book reports on almost a decade of ethnographic research on the academic writing and. ‘Academic Writing in a Global Contextwill transform understandings about English as A social practice approach to academic text production in a global context 19 How this book is organized 27 Ethics and anonymity 28 Scholars’ professional academic experience and.

Professional academic writing in global context myp
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