My great interest in riddles puzzles and enigmas to challenge my intuition

Kelley Hersey Shattered Winter I am interested in finding and recording that precise place in the world where the manufactured and the natural converge in the imagination of the viewer. Use my figure drawings to print, paste on and add depth to my canvases. The plasticity of the brain and cellular structure are able to change and new neural pathways are created through this creative and transformative process.

Are we seeing in, out, or both? We define ourselves with letters. The anxiety is contained in each image and then transformed through the art making process as the pieces were put together and photographed in a new form.

Once I hired a professional lettering artist to design a unique alphabet for Ford Trucks ads, and Mr. Ryan Hoover Interdependent Opposites, no. In an intuitive sense, simply putting this together has been rather amazing and lots of fun!

Each photograph or image was created in a separate moment of time and then pieced together to become a representational whole. The Records are continually updated, with each new thought, word or action that every Soul or Entity makes.

The process wound through the significance of religion, beauty, hierarchy, social interaction, the unfolding of expectations and roles and the symbolism of opulence, materials, motif, ritual, and customs.

Life and religion are so filled with endless puzzlings, riddles and enigmas mysteries that I found it interesting and fun to give a visual representation to these concepts.

Presently pursuing painting and printmaking in my studio at Waltham Mills, MA. The living room is remarkable in scale at square feet within a 22, square foot villa. Showing the subject as both a baby and an older boy forcing us to contemplate the passing of time and its inevitable effects upon us.

Closer inspection, however, reveals thousands of individual layers and fibers of paper, seen on end and receding into space. The house continues to evolve as new requirements are revealed. I love letter forms.

They are said to contain the information of every Soul or Being in the cosmos. As a creative art therapist, I continually work on my own process as this is what I ask others to do in our work together as I walk alongside them in their process.

I can relate to that. Gold is used in the installation to represent the uppermost echelon of American wealth and power. These letters make my life meaningful.

About Stamps

The result is a visual puzzle that interweaves the interior space with the external environment. The stark markings of furrowed land, patterns of irrigation, and stubble fields have a poetic quality, and in them I find a rich and meaningful source for visual expression.

These moments make us who we are - sometimes dark, sometimes full of light - all necessary in a rich, complex life. Abstracted, their imprint seems even bolder, representing colorful independent sections that coexist peacefully despite their diversity.

The viewer looking at the painting sees both; into the interior, and the exterior landscape reflected in the glass. This illusion of depth and complexity contradicts the fact that the image is printed onto a single, flat sheet of paper.

Very often passed down through generations, it is not always. An influence for my painting is Stuart Davis. In my early art-director days, we had to design ads and draw illustrations. The project is a representation of the passage of ten years from the inception of the project until the initial installation.

The collective images triggered strong emotional and physiological responses of anxious energy. The pastel colors suggest optimism, while the detail—some childlike in structure the shapes —and some sophisticated the gradation of pencil —explain the whimsical yet difficult challenges of life.

Her fine motor skills are bewildering to watch develop; her language teeters between simple and difficult problems.

Ken Kleppert The revelation of digital beauty. This tryannous insistence on a homogenous ideal is especially felt by women in regard to weight and beauty.

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Reflection sometimes but more often not reveals the mystery behind these representations of moments in time that make up the complexity of the person we have become.

Cut, welded and rusted steel elements are utilized to reference industrial labor, the working class, and those unemployed through the relocation of manufacturing centers.

Letters can stand for many things. The text is a Caesar cipher that, when decoded, will expose some thoughts on time.Explore Courtney Brown's board "Tricky questions Enigmas" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Funny jokes and riddles, Logic puzzles and Mystery riddles.

Apr 01,  · I'll regularly upload more videos on Riddles, puzzle, Brain teasers and more funny videos in my own way so you can test your IQ You can comment me on ideas you have for new puzzles, riddles, and. Jan 04,  · Nostradamus Enigmas are a series of 18 puzzles, Riddles may be reviewed in the database under casefiles.

/ His great grand-daughter fashioned. Since the dawn of civilization, we have been fascinated by conundrums, rebuses, riddles, and enigmas of all kinds. The historical record has made this quite obvious, demonstrating our innate propensity for puzzles and games that /5(29). Join in the pun!

Hundreds of riddles, charades, puzzles, and word games-accompanied by charming illustrations-promise to keep readers of all ages chuckling for hours. Paperback, pages, recommended for children ages 8 and up!

Nostradamus Enigmas

Riddles, Riddles, Riddles: Enigmas and Anagrams, Puns and Puzzles, Quizzes and Conundrums!. The best riddles are enigmas wrapped up in a puzzle and shrouded in mystery. It is up to you to unravel the secret and solve the riddles until that “A-ha!” moment that leaves you feeling so satisfied.

The best riddles are the ones that challenge your mind and require your ability to look beyond the words and if the riddle stump your friends that’s a bonus!

My great interest in riddles puzzles and enigmas to challenge my intuition
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