Marketing strategies mix for cement

Staying Competitive To stay competitive, find ways to offer new products that appeal to your customers. The UltraTech Cement brand embodies strength, reliability and innovation. Describe how you would go about making these decisions, and the major issues involved.

But when it comes to selling concrete, you must narrow your market to those most likely to buy your products. It is essential that your promotion objectives are clearly defined, and that a holistic and integrated marketing communication approach is used. Present a detailed description of the different types of cement that you intend to sell in the US market, including their attributes, features, and quality level, along with the brand names, intended packaging, logo, and supplemental products.

Posted in Products, Total Reads: JK Cement is a well-known cement brand and amongst the largest manufacturers of grey and white cement.

UltraTech Cement focuses on aggressive promotion strategy in its marketing mix. As a marketing team, you need to decide on your price objectives and strategies.

JK Cement is one of the leading cement manufacturers in the Northern India but it still has to penetrate into the rest of the country.

Identifying Target Market Take a look at your capabilities, and determine whether you have the manpower and resources to go after large commercial concrete jobs.

The demand for particular cement type has influenced the pricing decision across region. It has launched many marketing strategies, advertisement campaigns in the TV, print, electronic and social media. Hence this completes the marketing mix of JK Cement.

Since there are many players in the market for the cement manufacturing in India, it has to smartly price its products.

The cement is generally distributed either by railways or roadways. Distribution of the cement usually takes place within and outside India through an extensive distribution network which consists of handling agents, regional offices, and various retail outlets throughout the country.

The firm started its business in promoted by Mr. While it is famous for its cement products, it also deals in many other products which include power generation, synthetic fibers, waste heat recovery power plants etc.

JK Cement Marketing Mix

It is also critical to understand the customer: Posted in Products, Total Reads: The production capacity has increased from 0. The equipment you own plays a role in the target market you choose, too.

Concrete Marketing Strategies

Yadupati Singhania and Late Dr. Follow the sequence outlined in the marketing plan template.

What is the marketing strategy for Cemex? Distribution decisions focus on marketing channels, as well as the physical distribution of the cement. In case of exporting, the cement is concerned, it reaches the nearest port via road or railways and is further linked to the importing country.

It is the largest exporter of cement clinker and the Portland blast furnace slag cement has better concrete workability, easier finish ability, lighter colour, and flexural strength. Remember, cement is a heavy and bulky product, and there are a lot of issues involved in delivering it to the final user.

For instance, if you sell decorative and architectural concrete products, market polished or stained floors to help attract homeowners, retailers and corporate offices that want the unique look and durability the flooring offers.holders and zero tolerance to quality cement production.

OCC CURRENT STRATEGIES “A strategy is the direction and scopes of an organization over the long term, which achieves marketing for cement that exceed the production of the two local companies. The estimated.

Business Strategies for the Indian Cement Industry A Business Intelligence and Analytical Perspective for the 21st Century Roshan Shankar Division of Computer.

what is the marketing strategy for Cemex?

UltraTech Cement Marketing Mix

Develop your Cemex marketing strategy based on your STP strategy. Remember that these decisions are interdependent, and are part of a whole. Concrete Marketing Strategies by Nancy Wagner Part of your marketing strategy could aim to sway consumers to go with concrete flooring, instead of wood or carpet materials.

Marketing Mix of UltraTech Cement analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). UltraTech Cement marketing mix explains the business & marketing strategies. Need communications ideas for your cement brand? Visit MarketingProfs today for expert advice on how to pursue a marketing strategy.

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Marketing strategies mix for cement
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