List of figures master thesis

Single space within entries and double space in-between entries. Language mistakes can diminish the credibility of all your hard work.

The Appendix or Appendices should be listed in the Table of Contents. The term figures includes various non-text items. See the Formatting PowerPoint for additional help and examples. If your table and figures are grouped at the end of the thesis, you must include an entry in the table of contents that directs the reader to their location.

Frontispiece illustration or Epigraph quotation — Optional The source of the epigraph is listed below the quotation, but is not listed in the bibliography unless it is also cited in the main text.

Whatever format is chosen, it must be followed consistently throughout the thesis. Font size must not be smaller than 9 point. Academic language, structure and layout have a big impact on your grade for your thesis, essay or paper? If the caption for a figure, table, etc.

Figure and table lists in your dissertation

Use of Colour You can use colour in tables, figures, and illustrations. If yes, then add the source after the title of each figure or table. Many theses will not need this section. Material that supports the research, but is not essential to an understanding of the text, is placed in the appendices.

Location There are three acceptable locations for tables and figures: A statement that the material has been removed because of copyright restrictions A description of the material and the information it contained, plus a link to an online source if one is available A full citation of the original source of the material See the UBC Library Copyright Educational Resources: Format heading the same as List of Figures.

Appendices All material included in the appendices must meet minimum font and margin requirements. List the number, caption, and page number of each table. May be combined with acknowledgements. Figure Captions If space permits, the caption should appear on the same page as the figure.

You must use a consistent format for titles and captions of tables, figures and illustrations throughout the thesis. Landscape format In order to maintain the required page margins for tables or figures, it may be necessary to print them in landscape format.

The top margin will now be the edge that is bound. Numbering Tables, figures, illustrations and other such items must be numbered consecutively in order of appearance within the thesis. If there are multiple, appendices should be designated A: If there is only one appendix, it is simply called Appendix, not Appendix A.

The most common place for this list is immediately after the table of contents. The appendix title can be on its own page, or at the beginning of the actual material. Curriculum Vitae Doctoral students only The curriculum vitae is a professional biography of the doctoral candidate.Formatting your Master's thesis in Microsoft Word A comprehensive guide Master's thesis in Text Processing Trondheim, July Working with a text as long as a Master’s thesis in a text processor can be a challenge.

Starting at the very basics, this guide aims to teach you the essentials necessary to handle and format List of figures.

Click on Insert Table of Figures in the Captions section. Under General, make sure that Caption label is set to Table. Also make sure that Include label and number is unchecked. The List of Figures allows readers to quickly and easily navigate to those pages containing charts and images that are of interest to them.

NOTE: You do not have to provide a List of Figures if you have fewer than 5 figures. How necessary is a List of Figures and a List of Tables in a dissertation?

up vote 7 down vote favorite I am writing my dissertation (word-limit 10, words) and am wondering if I should include a separate List of Figures and List.

Manual for Formatting the Tables and the List of Tables in the Thesis or Dissertation Manual for Formatting the Figures and the List of Figures in the Thesis or Dissertation.

Tables, Figures and Illustrations

The formatting requirements for tables and figures and their respective lists are the same. 17 LIST OF FIGURES Figure Thesis research process 32 Figure Discontinuity in complexity, risk, and cost at.

List of figures master thesis
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