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When university beckoned, he even switched to reading law when learning that Uday had enrolled on the same engineering course. It will take 50 years, maybe more, to change the place. When he still protested, Uday threatened to feed his sisters to his pet dogs.

His vast wealth allowed him to buy hundreds of cars, stashed all over Baghdad in underground garages and torched once the US invaded so nobody else could own them. The incident is entirely authentic, according to Latif, save for the minor detail that Uday actually latif yahia business plan an electric rose pruner that he had at his side.

And how, when attending discos, to up the tempo by blasting a few gunshots into the ceiling. That made things even worse. At that time Uday also got rid of all his professional bodyguards, and just had pimps and thugs around him.

He and Uday already bore a sharp resemblance to each other, with the same round eyes, thick eyebrows and slightly curly hair.


Latif, who now lives and blogs in Belgium, joined the exiled anti-Saddam opposition, although to this day, he insists the US-led invasion was a mistake, simply replacing one gangster clique with many. It applies the gangster movie blueprint to an entire country, replacing the Mafia with the Hussein clan, although Uday is far more crazed than anything Coppola or Scorsese have so far conjured up.

He also ran the Iraqi Olympic Committee — the only one in the world that had its own jail, where athletes who did badly in international contests would be tortured using increasingly elaborate methods Uday had found on the internet.

But nothing was left to chance. Spotting a woman on honeymoon, Uday dragged her up to his sixth-floor hotel room, where he beat and raped her. He employed his own fisherman and two lion-tamers, too. Iraqis used to tell me that their worst nightmare was Uday inheriting power, a fear that was not without justification, if the words that Latif claimed his employer once said to him are anything to go by: Minus his double, Uday spent his final years paralysed from the waist down after being shot while out cruising for girls one day, although even that does not seem to have curbed his lust.

At first, being Uday had benefits. The Iraq of that time was a very different place: Even so, Latif says the violence has been toned down. On the hot July night that news emerged that he had been killed, the Iraqi capital erupted with so much gunfire that I thought a full-scale insurrection had broken out; by contrast, the celebrations when Saddam was caught five months later were more muted.

When Latif at first refused, he was thrown for days into a blood-encrusted jail cell with no lavatory.

Saddam son's body double 'in 11-year legal limbo' over citizenship

How to cruise around Baghdad in a different Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini every day, which also had to match whichever loud designer suit he was wearing. And, to his ultimate horror and guilt, sometimes enjoying it.

Saddam's demon seed

It was an order, not a request. Worst of all, though, was his penchant for kerb-crawling around Baghdad. What could I have done?Latif, who now lives and blogs in Belgium, joined the exiled anti-Saddam opposition, although to this day, he insists the US-led invasion was a mistake, simply replacing one gangster clique with many.

Iraq was invaded as part of a neocon/zionist plan by groups like Project for a New American Century to restructure the middle east and install puppet governments in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and several other countries.


Son Of Saddam

Home Books Documentary Interviews News Blog He was imprisoned by Hussein’s secret service in the s but later did business with his sons.) “They made mistakes along the way. They had a plan for the invasion but not for after the invasion. Now, it is a success.” He paused.

“In 10 or 20 years. Business Brexit Irish Media & Marketing Saddam son's body double 'in year legal limbo' over citizenship. Latif Yahia with his wife Karen and daughter Dina Uday and Saddam Hussein.

"This man has no business using the Olympic rings to give him credibility," says Charles Forrest, CEO of INDICT, a U.S.-government-funded human rights group based in London.

"That the Olympic community, which has known about the atrocities of Uday for years, has taken no action is a black eye for the organization. The Devil’s Double Posted by Natasha Hodgson On July 27, 0 Comment Director Lee Tamahori seems to have approached the biopic of Latif Yahia, the body double of Uday Hussein, in much the same way he did Die Another Day: keep ’em entertained, keep the soundtrack loud and the rest will take care of itself.

Latif yahia business plan
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