Identify ways of working that can help improve partnership working

Understand working relationships in social care settings Essay Sample 1.

Understand working relationships in social care settings Essay Sample

Structure matters less than purpose. Personal relationships also involve doing things together outside of the work environment. This is because the care they are given is their own choice.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Individuals should be encouraged to do things for themselves as much as possible; when they are included in the decision making process for their care then they will be more inclined participate more.

My responsibility as a care assistant is to deliver a very high standard service to individuals. To avoid conflict between staff, e. They enable you to provide a good quality service whilt ensuring you are working within the legal framework and most importantly they aim to keep you and the individuals you support safe from danger or harm.

Only then are we likely to have partnerships that truly make a difference to health inequalities.

Examples are — eating, drinking, mobility, being safe and personal care. You do not need to know every word of every policy but you will need to know what policies exist and what they cover so you can refer to them when you need to.

Care Home Manager — their role is that of a registered manager with 24 hour responsibility for managing all services. For example, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service has more than partnerships, some formal and others informal.

Policies and procedures are essential pieces of information that will support you in your role and will enable you to work professionally and safely. They should provide motivation, guidance and professional leadership to all team members.

You are being paid unless you are an unpaid carer to do a job for your employer, so if you do not follow their agreed ways of working, you could cause harm to yourself or others and you could find yourself subject to capability or disciplinary procedures which could lead to dismissal or even prosecution if you break the law.

Partnerships may be desirable for some issues and tasks, but may not always be necessary. This enables the individual to be listened to and supported in ways that they desire. Central government needs to practice what it preaches. They should always provide the client with a high level of quality of care.

Care Assistant — their role is to ensure that everything they do related to individuals is according to their agreed plan of care. The manager can help you with the legal side of things, and offer the most professional resolutions to conflicts between higher bodies such as social services or external agencies.

Pooling budgets may be part of the answer, and already happens, but their potential is often not fully exploited as shown in a recent report by the Audit Commission.

They are bound by contracts of employment and also have codes of practice to be followed so they are professional based. It would be helpful if central government demonstrated how effective partnership working can be, thereby setting a good example for those working locally. A care assistant will come to know what the individual can do for themselves and what they need support with.

It can take time to see the outcomes from partnerships. This includes support for everyday living e. To ensure compliance with latest legislation.

But unfortunately, all too frequently, only lip service is paid to partnership working in place of real engagement with practicable and sustainable outcomes. Carers should support individuals to receive care in a person-centred manner, i.

Tammy Boyce Professor David Hunter Working in partnership is central to reducing health inequalities — one department acting alone cannot tackle an issue that does not respect organisational boundaries.

Treating individuals with dignity and respect is the first priority for a carer. Understand the importance of working in ways that are agreed with the employer.

This is good partnership working.

This needs to change — an individual or organisation must be made responsible for delivering outcomes. Individuals — they are likely to need support and encouragement from the care assistant so that they can participate fully every day. Above all, we need to be clear about what partnerships are trying to achieve.Identify ways of working that can help improve partnership working.

We can improve partnership working through effective and transparent communication and information sharing. By means of collaboration and teamworking, as well as regular team meetings, both within own company as well as multi – agencies and organisations.

Identify Ways Of Working That Can Help Improve Partnership Working. WHAT IS PARTNERSHIP WORKING?A lot has been written about the theory of partnership working. However, translating theory into practice is not always easy.

Improving partnership working to reduce health inequalities. This content relates to the following topics: held a seminar to discuss how to improve partnership working and health, what general principles could help the NHS to facilitate and create better partnerships?

Identify bespoke solutions. Identify ways of working that can help improve partnership working. Improving partnership working can be done in many ways and there are many different methods of doing it. One way could be to give honest and unbiased information and opinions to the people you work with to help build a strong bond of trust and encourage people to act.

Identify ways of working that can help improve partnership working There are certain key steps that will help to ensure that any partnership is able to work effectively.

Good communication: This is essential. By improving partnership working you can achieve greater equality, mutual respect and satisfaction, as well as more efficient use of everyone’s time.

You can create a positive, empowering and supportive relationship with everyone working together towards the.

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Identify ways of working that can help improve partnership working
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