How to write an opening statement

Now in this tank is raw sugar and these chemicals but also a lot of junk: The next day, Tuesday, the nurse comes to take her to surgery. But Mike Foster did not do that. The testimony you are going to hear is going to be complicated at times.

Close this valve, and Close this valve over here that is downstream of the strainer, Let the slurry drain out of a small elbow valve right here, And then there is a little valve at the bottom of the strainer right here, then a small valve at the top of the strainer right here.

That is their case and it is illustrative of how they see these facts. So her pain that was unbearable now rises to a new How to write an opening statement.

Sample PowerPoint 3 We are giving high-tech openings that give the jury a chance to understand the evidence. I think when lawyers draft out a script and stick with it, their presentation is too canned, and they are no longer having a real conversation with the jury.

In fact, the desire to move was so powerful that Cindy had to be held down with restraints. Save the long speech about how grateful you are for their service. The system is in a place called the Wash House.

But the system at issue was redesigned in and built by Maryland Machine. The strainer needs to be cleaned between three and six times a day. Memorize your opening statement.

He is going to tell you the same thing as Dr. She is suffering from first, second, and third degree burns that are made worse by the horrible chemicals in the slurry.

She has tubes running down her throat. Juries appreciate lawyers that provide real information to them that they can use. Tip Be short and to the point. This is the tank.

By Thursday, her once healthy organs begin shutting down one by one. Then you can safely work on the strainer. Begin by telling the jury the simple rule that would be applied to the case. The purpose of your opening statement is to highlight the key facts of the case and circumstances surrounding it, summarize critical evidence and identify the request for relief that your client is seeking jail time for criminal cases or money for civil cases.

That is the regular cleaning process or if the system is clogged by a full filter. On Tuesday, the doctors operate on Cindy to try to save her life. But the rule you are going to be asked to apply by the judge is a very simple rule: This rule reassures them that there will be a clear road to make their decision.

Now, if you have lived in Baltimore, you have almost certainly seen the Crawford Sugar sign at the Inner Harbor.

You would think that they would give her immediate pain medication but they could not give her anything for the pain initially until they were able to ascertain exactly what kind of chemicals were in the slurry.

As a part of the beginning of the refining process, raw sugar is pumped through pipes into this 5,gallon tank where it is combined with lime and carbon dioxide resulting in a hot liquid slurry that contains calcium carbonate.

After six days of unimaginable suffering, Cindy Manning died. Now, what if the system itself was blocked in here in the pipes as opposed to the strainer? Just give the facts neutrally. Opening Statement Pointers Do write a compelling opening statement that clearly identifies the most important aspects of the case as it relates to your side.

Foster is an important witness because he is the only living eyewitness to the accident.

How to Make an Opening Statement for a Mock Trial

The report said that there should have been a valve right in front of the strainer.These example opening statements give lawyers ideas on how to approach a jury trial. My process for an opening statement is to spend no more than an hour or two writing it out as if I was required to write a transcript of the opening statement.

I read it 5/5. How to Make an Opening Statement for a Mock Trial By Kristina Barroso ; Updated June 25, If you need to write an opening statement but aren’t a lawyer, you might be getting ready to take part in a mock trial.

Opening Statements

Opening Statements: Tips for Effectiveness in 15 Minutes or Less. By William F. Sullivan and Adam M. Reich – September 18, Remember kindergarten, when your teacher would invite you to sit in a circle for story time? Can you picture how mesmerized you were no matter how short the story?

Do not confuse the opening statement with the.

Trying to write the perfect opening or closing statement for your mock trial case, but unsure where to start? How to Write Mock Trial Opening and Closing Statements. October 25, The opening statement is the place to present a side’s theory of the case and any important facts that will come to light during trial.

3. Effective Opening Statements I. Introduction The opening statement is one of the most important components of any trial. It is your first opportunity to present the case to the jury, and to shape the jury’s perspective of the entire trial. The opening statement also is your first opportunity to present yourself to the jury, and to.

How to write an opening statement
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