How to write a response essay about a reading

Look back at your pre-writes and your first impressions. Moreover, she points out the increasing number of accidents caused by cell phone use. If you know you struggle with a certain type of grammar, using commas for instance, pay extra attention to those details.

Of course, be aware that some texts are not meant to be entertainment or art--a news report or textbook, for instance, may be neither entertaining or artistic, but may still be important and successful.

When quoting or citing from the documents or your textbook, simply put author and page numbers in parenthesis. Then add a thesis statement like one of the following examples: You may have been given instructions that asked for certain details other than just your opinions and beliefs based on the text.

You should remember that this kind of work implies that you express your personal attitude to some piece of writing. Use several quotes as examples of how it agrees with and supports what you think about the world, about right and wrong, and about what you think it is to be human.

Explain why you think this way. Reread and Annotate the Response Text After you record your initial reaction, reread the text. A lot of writers struggle with this part.

Use quotes to illustrate. Be very careful to avoid plagiarism. But, always beware, as a beginning scholar, of criticizing any text as "confusing" or "crazy," since readers might simply conclude that you are too ignorant or slow to understand and appreciate it!

Go through your outline and expand on your thoughts. Your thoughts are the main focus of a personal response essay, so be very careful that you record them all. Remember that all essays have three main parts: If the title is more staid, you can still use it to make predictions.

Give examples of how your views might have changed or been strengthened or perhaps, of why the text failed to convince you, the way it is. Nonetheless, it is important that you demonstrate an understanding of the reading and clearly explain and support your reactions.

First, read your essay over. You may think writing a personal response essay will be pretty easy, but in reality, writing a personal response paper requires a great deal of critical thinking and introspection.

How to Write a Personal Response Essay

Compose a sentence or two about these ideas and include them at the end and beginning of the paragraphs to act as linking sentences. If you are constantly asking yourself: This is a simple thing to lose points for, so be careful.

Use a strong thesis statement to hook your target audience. Finally, check over your work and write your final draft. A response or reaction essay can be defined as a piece of writing, where you need to express your opinion on the texts you have read.

To make it perfect getting a high grade, reveal your personality using an individual approach to critical analysis. What Is a Personal Response Essay? Responding Ideas Here are six different ways to respond to an essay: At times, it can be challenging to write a high-quality response if being a newbie without great experience in paper writing.

Then reflect and expand: Gorn, 52 or Jones, Then you will give your thesis. Use the introduction to state the main idea of your essay. This could also mean polishing your grammar and syntax. Author tags use the last name of the author and a verb. Then, try to answer ALL of the questions below. How does it address things that are important to your family, your community, your ethnic group, to people of your economic or social class or background, or your faith tradition?

Have a strong introduction. Write whether you agree with the author or not and explain what you are going to discuss in your work. To whom would you recommend this text?

The body of your paper should have three or more paragraphs.Most of the time when you are tasked with an essay about a book or article you've read for a class, you will be expected to write in a professional and impersonal voice. But the regular rules change a bit when you write a response paper.

A response (or reaction) paper differs from the formal review primarily in that it is written in the first person. In writing a response you may assume the reader has already read the text. Thus, do NOT summarize the contents of the text at length.

Instead, take a systematic, analytical approach to the text.

How to Write a Response Essay (Reaction Essay)

Indeed, one effective way to write a personal response essay is to delineate the changes in your thoughts about a single subject over time. For example, if you know you're going to read an essay about refugees and your initial idea was that your country shouldn't be as lenient on immigration even for those seeking asylum, the first read of the.

Take notes in the book's margins or on a separate sheet of paper if you think that will help. In fact, beyond just assisting retention, taking notes can help you engage your mind with the reading material early.

How to Write a Reading Response Essay with Sample Papers

That makes it easier to craft a response to that material when you're finally called upon to do so. Aug 16,  · This is a sample reading response essay to an article titled “Cell Phones are Dangerous" by Mary Johnson, agreeing with the article and extending one of the ideas.

Intro: Paragraph 1: Dramatic re-telling of a personal story of picking up my cell phone and then realizing that I am going to crash into another killarney10mile.coms: A response or reaction essay can be defined as a piece of writing, where you need to express your opinion on the texts you have read.

To get an A-grade, learn to differentiate between reaction essays and book/movie reviews.

How to write a response essay about a reading
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