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There are many different types of financial abuse. Sexual Abuse Sexual abuse can be displayed in many different manors. Outpatient treatment usually involves a maintenance period in which you visit twice monthly or once per month to receive supportive ongoing care.

For example, a gambling addiction requires abstinence as part of the treatment program, while overeating requires relearning behaviors so that you can modify negative patterns and engage in healthy eating.

Behavioral Addictions

Besides such omnipresent forms as addiction to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or gambling, today experts also have distinguished addictions to the Internet, mobile technologies, computer games, work, sex, television, caffeine, and many subjects.

The elderly people may be living by themselves at home, or they could be living in a care home. Outpatient therapy involves visiting a treatment facility or medical professional on a daily or weekly basis during the beginning stages of treatment.

Researchers are continuing to work on developing standard criteria for identifying these other behavioral addictions. Common topics in group sessions include denial, legal problems, relationship problems, work problems, health issues, financial struggles, identity crises, and stress.

This form of treatment teaches new behavioral patterns as well, but the focus is usually on the motivations behind the behavior rather than the physical actions themselves. As you begin to feel more control over your behavioral addiction, treatment may become less frequent.

The police should try and reassure the elderly that the problem will be dealt with. This means that you are being sent mail asking you to donate money to some charity, and some letters also state that there are ways you can inherit a lot of money if you send a certain amount of money out to a specific address.

Therefore, based on the aforementioned statements, we can say psychological addiction is a pathological condition of the mind, which is characterized by an excessive dependency or obsession on a certain object or action and ignoring the potential dangers of addictive behavior.

Once you have donated money to a charity, your name can go down on record, and you will more than likely get more letters through the post asking you to donate money. The Collins English Dictionary defines addiction as a condition of being abnormally dependent on a certain habit.

An elderly person living in a care home, or a residential home may feel intimidated by all of the other people who live with him or her in the home. Types of Treatment Programs Behavioral addiction treatment and rehabilitation presents a challenge in many cases because, unlike treatment for drugs or alcohol, abstinence can be impossible.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th ed.

Addiction Essay Sample – Types of Internet Addictions

If someone within the care home has been harassing the elderly person, he or she may begin to feel upset, and scared of people within the home. With all the types of Internet addiction noted in this discussion, one might ask, is Internet really that beneficial for human use?

The virtual world might seem very attractive but it hides a huge danger — an internet addiction. This is abusing the elderly financially, as many elderly people like to help out charities, so that way, they think they are doing a good deed, but it turns out in the end that it was a bad idea, as you end up giving away so much money.

As technology advances, it is the human being that should know how, when and why he would be using such an offer from technology.

And also elderly people should be aware of how they can prevent sexual abuse from happening.- “Addiction is a brain disease expressed in the form of compulsive behavior,” says by Alan Leshner in his article, “Addiction Is a Brain Disease” featured in the book Drug Abuse: Opposing Viewpoints.

Coffee addiction is also another type of addiction which is seen to have affected the society quite a lot.

The Definition of Addiction

Coffee addiction results from the intake of caffeine which is a stimulant (Nastase, Anca, et al., ). The progressive disease of addiction affects millions of Americans, and its’ devastating impacts go beyond the life of the addict.

Addiction affects the family and loved ones of the addict as well as the community and can lead to strained relationships, dysfunction, unemployment and incarceration. The Causes of Substance Abuse Essay Words 10 Pages Substance abuse is an issue that has disseminated in the society and is often regarded as the relic of a thoughtless materialism.

English College Writing II Dr. Cynthia Andrzejczyk Addiction to Internet In the text The Globalization of Addiction, Bruce Alexander emphasizes the four different types of addiction.

Types of addiction range from everyday drugs like alcohol and cocaine to behaviors like gamblingand stealing. Some types of addiction are specified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) while others are more controversial and have been identified by.

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Forms of addictions essay
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