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Media is the all important feature of the Culture of Media, which plays the vital role in establishing strong basis for the national culture but unfortunately in Pakistan the case is reverse as media is one of those negative features which are endangering the national culture.

Home Blog Features of pakistan essay Date Category Blog Unmaking England Will immigration demolish in decades a nation built over essay thrower discus the writing centuries? It was also a member between andit was excluded in for a time but again became a member in During the evening, Pakistanis often party, visit restaurants or relax in city parks.

Pakistani cuisine Seekh kebab - one of the famous Pakistani food specialities Culinary art in Pakistan mainly a mix of Indian cuisines with some Middle Eastern and Afghan influence.

Features of pakistan essay constitution of the state is according to the rules and regulations of Islam. For over three millennia. The Punjab and Sindh plains occupy most of the eastern part of the county, and are traversed by the Indus River and its four tributaries Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, and Sutlej.

I also love my country very much. People buy gifts and sweets that will be given to friends and families who come over to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

The flag is supported from left white side. Here the Pakistan Navy cadets salute the tomb of the father of the nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah Girls lighting candles at midnight to celebrate the day An office building in Islamabad illuminated by decorative lighting Independence Day fireworks at the Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore Official celebrations[ edit ] The independence day is one of the six public holidays observed in Pakistan and is celebrated all across the country.

Since independence Pakistan made special effort to develop its industries, since most of the manufacturing plants were located in areas that went to India at the time of partitioning of the subcontinent.

Culture of Pakistan

In this essay, the student will discuss the reasons for loving his country, problems of the country and solutions as well. Much of Baluchistan and the Thar Desert receive on the average, less than 5 inches mm of rainfall in a year.

Features of pakistan essay

Lahoreoccasional residence of Mughal rulers, exhibits a multiplicity of important buildings from the empire, among them the Badshahi mosquethe fortress of Lahore with the famous Alamgiri Gatethe colourful, still strongly Mughal -influenced Wazir Khan Mosque as well as numerous other mosques and mausoleums.

Various invasions have taken place in the territories of Pakistan as it has been invaded many times in the past, and has been occupied and settled by many different peoples, each of whom have left their imprint on the current inhabitants of the country.

On account of the calamity, the president made an announcement that there would not be any official celebration of the independence day that year. After the independence when the Muslims of Sub Continent got the separate homeland, it was the time when the real culture of Pakistan was being formed which was being made complementing with the ideology on the basis of which the independence was being acquired.

Overpeople were killed or wounded on October 8, These tendencies have tended to sap the already fragile democracy. There are several private TV channels showing news and entertainment. These were education and ….

Pakistani Culture Essay History Salient Features

The politics of Pakistan takes place within the framework established by the constitution. Pakistani nationalism The change of guard ceremony takes place at various monuments throughout the country.

On these days, there are national holidays and many festival events that take place Features of pakistan essay celebrate Eid. We achieved it in the name of Islam, so that we may perform our religious duties freely according to our own will. On the night before Eid, people search for the new moon to mark the end of Ramadan and arrival of Eid ul-Fitr.

The area constituting Pakistan was historically a part of the British Indian Empire throughout much of the nineteenth century. Celebrations in Pakistan are centered in Lahoreand people from all over the country and abroad come to the city for the annual festivities.Pakistan Culture is generally considered to be the basic identity of Pakistan nation as their trends, History, Silent Features, rituals and way of life forms their culture of living, and this culture becomes their distinctiveness.

The heartland of Pakistan, the Punjab Plain, is dissected by the Indus River and fronts its border with India; southwest, the arid and dry Balochistan Plateau extends to its border with Iran.

The country's most dramatic landscape is north, as the western edges of the Himalayas, including the (Hindu Kush,) is home to some of the tallest peaks in the world. Pakistan – sovereign country located in South Asia.

It has a 1, kilometres ( mi) coastline along the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman in the south and is bordered by Afghanistan in the west, Iran in the southwest, India.

Pakistan has a federal parliamentary system. The head of state is an indirectly-elected ceremonial killarney10mile.com Electoral college of the country, (composed of the Senate, the National Assembly, and the four Provincial Assemblies) chooses a leadership representing the President of Pakistan for a five-year killarney10mile.com president is also the.

Essay on Why I love Pakistan with Quotations is for the students to prepare this Essay for Exams. You can write the same material if the Essay the topic is, Essay on Why I love my Country. Patriotism Essay and Why I Love Pakistan essay.

Pakistan Essay

In this essay, the student will discuss the reasons for loving his country. Swat Valley located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan, it features of pakistan essay is district and it is features of pakistan essay km (91miles).

· A Pakistani wedding is a traditional ceremony which .

Features of pakistan essay
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