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Since some of the buildings were on both parts of the island, New York and New Jersey decided to have joined custody of the island. Name, Occupation, and the money they had. Immigrants from all over traveled far distances to start a new life, and believed that America would help them.

In the article titled Against irish Immigration, it is said that although the conditions in Ireland may be bad, they you must stay there if Essay on ellis island can.

Also in the article it was said that although the conditions have improved over time, they are not at all satisfactory.

Many families lived in one area, leading to worse conditions. A women commonly called Aunt Jane came over in the steerage of a Ocean Sidewheeler.

After having a job she realized that she wanted to start her own business with Fruit and Peanuts. Life was different for most of them. If they had a serious problem or disease, they were sent home. Here are some of the markings: At first, the Battery in lower Manhattan was the immigration station.

That is why America served as a positive alternative for living. In order to live in America, you first had to meet the requirements at Ellis Island. Most of these immigrants had high expectations for their new lives in order to put the troubles of Ireland in their past.

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The Island was originally a very small place. Today, nine-tenths or the current island is artificial and was not formed naturally. She obtained permission from the Treasury Department at Washington. Eventually, the Battery could not handle the flow of immigrants. Ellis Island was opened on January 1, and closed in November The federal government began to landfill around the island to make it bigger.

Incoming immigrants were marked with inspection symbols. Some immigrants had their names changed on Ellis Island. It needed to be expanded so more immigrants could come and so that it would be less crowded.

Although their outcomes differed. The amount of time an immigrant would spend at the island ranged from a couple of hours to a day. On this Island, they were given the permission to enter the country.

Immigrants had to undergo many tests which include eye exams, mental exams which were given by asking questions, and their private parts were checked as well.

When coming to America some found that their lives changed for the better. Some immigrants entered the country by wiping the chalk off their clothes. Even though most of the time the immigrants had a person from their country to translate, the officers sometimes could not pronounce the names, and a name change was required.

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Life in America was different for all immigrants. Other Irish immigrants were stuck working in mines. It was the first stop for most immigrants from Europe. The conditions were so bad that Roosevelt believed these homes should be eradicated. Some were able to come earn their living and live happy, while some struggled greatly, and many suffered far worse conditions than if they Essay on ellis island stayed in their homeland.

If they passed the physical examination, they went on to questions such as: Name changing was especially common for new immigrants who could not speak English.

Immigration In the nineteenth and twentieth century Irish Immigrants came to Ellis Island to start their new lives in America. Each immigrant had to pass a physical examination.

These characteristics lead to easily finding a job. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Due to being called upon for the Parliamentary Fund, many families in Ireland struggled to make a living.Ellis Island Essay Ellis Island was the chief port through which immigrants came to the United States from to Located at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York Harbor, Ellis Island witnessed the arrival of more than 12 million immigrants into the United States, most of whom were European.

In the nineteenth and twentieth century Irish Immigrants came to Ellis Island to start their new lives in America. Immigrants from all over traveled far distances to start a new life, and believed that America would help them. A writer by the name of Irving Howe wrote about the experiences that immigrants faced when reaching [ ].

- Ellis Island Ellis Island was 'the door to America' which was opened on January 1st, Immigrants came here from their countries to stay in ours. It was a major immigration station for the United States from to Free Essay: Ellis Island, which was an immigration station, opened in Ellis Island was a place where Immigrants from all over Southern and Eastern.

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