Essay on corporate social responsibility and company secretary

Corporations must effectively react on the consequences on natural capital by their action when it is used or harvested Elkington The ethical level of any organization is characterized by a degree of compliance with its managers and staff moral standards of business cooperation. Experts note that many areas of business activity include certain socially important components.

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Government restriction, tariffs, globalization, environmentally sensitive areas and exploitation are problems that are costing millions of dollars for organization. CSR can play a role in building customer loyalty based on distinctive ethical values. Search our thousands of essays: Such compliance to regulations assists corporations to take greater responsibilities on the environment by making decisions to invest in protecting and improving the environment Elkington, Practice shows that the most effective areas of activity where social responsibility pays high ratings are public relations, environmental programs, and promotion staff charity.

Some companies may implement CSR-type values without a Essay on corporate social responsibility and company secretary defined team or programme.

To be sustainable, business needs to more committed on two major dynamics such as top management commitment and involvement to an issue result in quick change and Recruitment and retaining of right kind of workforce Nidumolup, It may be apparent that in some cases, ethical implications are simply a costly hindrance that potentially forces businesses to finding alternative means to shift viewpoints.

Participating in social programs, the company may receive certain benefits, but not profit. Hold regular meetings to argue how to deal with ethical issues and to improve social responsibility and business in society. Assess the ethical training program that will help to improve social responsibility of the company.

In convention terminology economic refers to assets minus the liabilities, but in a broader there are other factors need to be taken into account in a long run such as the human capital, the intellectual capital and the natural capital Elkington, So businesses should be more responsible for their environment.

In simple words, CSR refers to responsibility and accountability of organization for its impact on all relevant stakeholders.

Similar views has been express by Frederick, as social responsibility is to imply a public posture toward societies, economic and human resources and to see these resources are used for the welfare of society. Corporations as an essential part of the society must take responsibilities on the areas which they affected by their actions to build trust among the corporations and the stakeholders in order to attain long term sustainability Elkington, Principles and rules enshrined in codes of ethics can be actively used for promotional purposes of the organization.

CSR can also help to improve the perception of a company among its staff, particularly when staff can become involved through payroll giving, fundraising activities or community volunteering.

Porter and Kramer also support the argument of treating CSR as core business value and norms of applying it on their core business strategy, to ensure CSR as a source of opportunity, innovation and competitive advantage rather than expense, restriction, or a charitable deed.

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The business case for CSR within a company will likely rest on one or more of these arguments: To be environmentally responsible, corporations induce suppliers and retailer to develop eco-friendly inputs and outputs of entire value chains and reduce waste ibid.

Social responsibility can be defined as a set of commitments that the organization should implement in order to strengthen the community in which it operates. A CSR programme can be seen as an aid to recruitment and, particularly within the competitive graduate student market. In this case, civic awareness activates, the struggle between companies for highly qualified personnel intensifies.

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Conclusion To sum up the above-mentioned information, it is possible to draw a conclusion that Company Q is not a socially responsible company and needs to improve its social responsibility.Our Individual Social Responsibility Essay; Our Individual Social Responsibility Essay.

Words 2 Pages. Essay Corporate Social Responsibility & Globalization. Social Responsibility Essay. she sued the company for discrimination and won. A comment that Lael had heard from that company was that Quang was intense and. An argument for Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical businesses.

Print Reference this. This responsibility was then termed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and started an evolution from the ’s and further expanded during the ’s. A company with good CSR policies, which demands that.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept whereby organizations consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment in all aspects of their operations.

This obligation is seen to. Corporate Social Responsibility Essays: OverCorporate Social Responsibility Essays, Corporate Social Responsibility Term Papers, Corporate Social Responsibility Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Corporate social responsibility is no longer defined by how much money a company contributes to charity, but by its overall involvement in activities that improve the quality of people’s lives.

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Corporate Responsibility has come up as a significant subject matter in the international business community and is progressively becoming a. On the contrary, the company Nike is one example for the implementation of corporate social responsibility, and social criticism, boycott their products for a long time.

And can clearly see that when Nike made corporate social responsibility, customer response has become better and they have been successful in business.

Essay on corporate social responsibility and company secretary
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