Employment and human resource dilemma

Recent research on business ethics indicate that HR-related issues are increasingly prominent in the day —to- day practice of contemporary managers Wooten, Further, the ethics inherent in the practice of outsourcing, tele-working and work autonomy have also recently received attention from scholars e.

HR managers have to justify a higher level of basic salaries or higher level of percentage increase than the competitors to retain some employees.

7 Ethical Issues Faced by Human Resource

The department must prevent and correct potentially dangerous situations. Not anymore ever since the evolution of laws and a regulatory framework that has standardised employee behaviours towards each other.

Doing as we should wish to be done by is a very strong ethical principle. They note that seven specific ethical issues in HRM have the potentiality of creating particular difficulty. Admittedly, there is no one right approach to illuminating and understanding this question.

Because training is an opportunity for advancement and expanded opportunities, employees who are left out of training may argue that they are not being given equal opportunities in the workplace.

Ethical Issues in HR

Some employees are, however, given low rates, despite their excellent performance on the basis of factor like caste, religion or not being loyal to the appraiser.

The HR manager is often under pressure to raise the band of base salaries. While the field of HRM has grown in sheer numbers, as well as strategic importance to organizational functioning, it has lagged behind other professions such as accounting or law to the extent that there is specificity concerning core values of the profession, clear expectations concerning expected roles, standards of practice, and the processes to safeguarding the public from inappropriate professional behaviour.

If the restructuring company requires closing of the plant, the process by which the plant is chosen, how the news is to be communicated and the time frame for completing the layoffs is ethically important.

A List of Ethical Issues for Human Resource Management

One dilemma stems from the pressure of hiring someone who has been recommended by a friend, someone from your family or a top executive. As Pinnington et al. This development notwithstanding, some scholars have attempted to provide a better understanding of the concept.

Given the foregoing, the salient question that then follows is: Beauchamp and Bowie In this regard, several scholarly attempts have since explored the epistemological considerations of HRM professionals. Highly ethical performance appraisal demands that there should be an honest assessment of the performance and steps should be taken to improve the effectiveness of employees.

Ethical Dilemmas in Human Resource Management Essay Sample

Close circuit cameras, tapping the phones, reading the computer files of employees etc. Indeed, the concept has defied a univocal definition; neither is there any single understanding.

Ethics should be the basis of performance evaluation. Fisher and Lovell attribute this development partly due to the fact that there are very few studies of ethics built on theoretical positions, but are largely based on beliefs and arguments.

It is thus important that human resource professionals and academics critically re-engage with some of these ethical issues in line with the exigencies of the moment.

This has to do with a seeming decline in management integrity and what many characterize as the manipulative tendencies of HRM. Discovery that an employee who has been with the organisation for some time, is skilled and has established a successful record, had lied about his educational credentials.

This article throws light on the seven major issues faced by human resource, i.Resource: Human Resource Dilemmas, Jose Martinez, in Ch. 15 of Employment Law Jos Martinez applies for a job with American Heartland Corporation. Sparky Discuss the ethical implications of affirmative action such as those discussed in various legal cases.

Start studying Employment Law HR Dilemmas Chapters Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Included in that policy was a directive to report all complaints to the human resource department.

but to date they have not been effective in alleviating her dilemma. She has requested a transfer to a. The Human Resources Dilemma. By David Hassell. Follow @15Five. The Society for Human Resource Management determined that the top five most important factors in job satisfaction included employees’ relationships with immediate supervisors and communication between employees and senior managers.

Human resource management ethics and professionals’ dilemma: A review and research agenda and constant revisions of employment law have propelled human resource management (HRM) as one of.

The ever increasing competitive pressures and greater employment scrutiny, means that human resource professionals must make and execute decisions with several ethical implications, which may result to serious dilemmas for the practitioners.

Human resource management (HRM) is currently undergoing rapid professionalization. One area, which has not been fully examined from a scholarly nor practitioner perspective, is that of ethical dilemmas.

Employment and human resource dilemma
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