Diary juror 8 12 angry men

Above all, he is a man who wants justice to be done, and will fight to see that it is. Juror 8 Diary juror 8 12 angry men asks Juror 4 if he wears his eyeglasses to sleep, and Juror 4 admits that he does not wear them nobody does.

Similarly, Rose points out how Juror Number Nine is a defeated man awaiting his death while Juror Number Ten is a passive-aggressive type man who just enjoys aggravating people. Juror 8 explains that being under emotional stress can make you forget certain things, and tests how well Juror 4 can remember the events of previous days.

This earns intense criticism from Juror 3 Lee J. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis In a New York City courthouse, an eighteen-year-old boy from a slum is on trial for allegedly stabbing his father to death.

In Twelve Angry Men, how does the personality of Juror #6 affect his vote?

His speech offends Juror 5, who turns his back to him, and one by one the rest of the jurors start turning away from him. This is because this character is meant to act upon the mandates of his conscience and his idiosyncratic respect for human life as opposed to the rest of the jurors, whose votes are a direct consequence of their immediate backgrounds.

Juror 3, growing more irritated throughout the process, explodes in a rant: It is immediately apparent that the jurors have already decided that the boy is guilty, and that they plan to return their verdict without taking time for discussion with the sole exception of Juror 8who is the only "not guilty" vote in a preliminary tally.

The jury retires to a private room, where the jurors spend a short while getting acquainted before they begin deliberating. After he points this out, Jurors 12, 10 and 4 all change their vote to "not guilty". Cobbwho blatantly accuses Juror 5 Jack Klugman who had grown up in a slum of switching out of sympathy toward slum children.

Juror 8 concludes that, judging from what he claims to have heard earlier, the witness must have merely assumed it was the defendant running. The secret ballot is held, and a new "not guilty" vote appears.

While the others waver in their opinions based more on emotional discussion and their held beliefs -- 3 in particular holds out because he cannot stand to be wrong -- 6 makes the decision to acquit because it makes sense, based on the jury discussion.

Juror 11, an immigrant who has repeatedly displayed strong patriotic pride, presses Juror 7 hard about using his vote frivolously, and eventually Juror 7 admits that he now truly believes the defendant is not guilty. He calls into question the accuracy and reliability of the only two witnesses to the murder, the "rarity" of the murder weapon a common switchblade, of which he has an identical copyand the overall questionable circumstances.

Outraged at how the proceedings have gone, Juror 10 goes into a rage on why people from the slums cannot be trusted, of how they are little better than animals who gleefully kill each other off for fun.

The film alternate version also points that this juror is actually a father of three which also would help explain why Eight, out of all the jurors, seems to have the most compassion for a nineteen year old defendant.

Therefore, Juror Number Eight, with the description given above, calls for a man of deep character and enormous depth of thought and humanity. Then Juror 9, after seeing Juror 4 rub his nose which is being irritated by his eye glassesrealizes that, like Juror 4, the woman who allegedly saw the murder had impressions in the sides of her nose which she rubbed, indicating that she wore glasses, but did not wear them to court out of vanity.

What is the background of Juror Number Eight in Twelve Angry Men?

Eight is so analytical, organized and compartmentalized in his thinking. This is significant indeed, because it sets Juror Number Eight aside from the rest in that he is the only one that uses his brain and common sense, and not his schema, to emit a vote.

At first, he is ready to convict with Jurors 2 John Fiedler and 6 Edward Binns also decide to vote "not guilty", tying the vote at The film ends when the friendly Jurors 8 Davis and 9 McCardle exchange names, and all of the jurors descend the courthouse steps to return to their individual lives The stage synopsis describes the character of Juror 8:Get an answer for 'What is the background of Juror Number Eight in Twelve Angry Men?' and find homework help for other Twelve Angry Men questions at eNotes.

The remaining juror, Juror #8, seems skeptical about the evidence at hand and demands a thorough deliberation of the facts from each juror before sentencing the boy to death, to prove the defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Get an answer for 'In Twelve Angry Men, how does the personality of Juror #6 affect his vote?' and find homework help for other Twelve Angry Men questions at eNotes. Juror Eight is the protagonist of the play. He is courageous, compassionate, calm, and respects the opinions of others.

He is the only Juror who does not. 12 Angry Men- Jurors 4 and 8 Essay. Words Jul 15th, 4 Pages. Show More.

12 Angry Men (1957)

Essay about Twelve Angry Men - Juror 3. 12 Angry Men - Juror#3 In a crowded jury room in downtown New York, opinions collide as discussion about the innocence of a young boy is decided.

The dark and foreboding storm clouds that hang over the heads of the. 12 Angry Men- Jurors 4 and 8 Essay Words Jun 30th, 4 Pages Reginald Rose’s ’12 Angry Men’ brings 12 jurors together in a room to decide whether a young foreign boy is guilty of killing his father.

Diary juror 8 12 angry men
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