Consumer buying behaviour in pantaloons retail india

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Pantaloon has already bagged substantial retail space in Hyderabad 60, sq. Management of the Company Pantaloon Retail over a period of time has built a strong management team to drive the company for its high growth phase.

After an initial set back, the Indian retailers are now coping up in a phased manner. Sales force must scan the surrounding environment to gauge the effect of climate as well as competition on proposed place of display.

What is missing is a clear connection to Indian realities. During the same period Pantaloon profit after tax was Rs. The company was incorporated in the year and has come up with the vision of giving out the best and superior quality of service to their valued consumer at the best retail prices who are truly worth buying and pocket-friendly to your budget.

The Indian population is witnessing a significant change in its demographics. Foreign Direct Investment FDI in the retailing sector is not permitted yet, in order to protect the interests of the small retailers.

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Offering flat rates on specific days is also becoming common at discount stores such as these. Above all displays must be eye catching. Today consumers prefer to shop at places where they can get grocery, food, entertainment and others daily routine items under one roof.

The success of organized retailing is yet to be proved. But with the resurgence in the equity markets and increase in internal accruals due to cost-rationalisation measures undertaken by retailers, players have commenced new store roll-outs. All these factors form the basis for organized retailing.

Following are the recent trends that have stood out in recent years and continue to grow further: The Indian retailing sector is at an inflexion point where the growth of organized retailing and growth in the consumption by the Indian population is going to take a higher growth trajectory.

This requires enough store size, traffic flow, and revenue earned, but besides these factors, retailers have started concentrating on recruiting qualified and trained retail staff.

Top 10 Best Retail Companies in India

The height of display must be such that it meets the eye level of customer. The expansion plans of several retailers had been put on hold in the past year due to cash crunch resulting from the economic slowdown. Raheja Group company, started its operations in with a mega retail store in Andheri, Mumbai.

In addition, materials from journal articles, textbooks and working papers will be also used. It has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market.

There is a significant improvement in the liquidity, leverage, and profitability and activity ratios of Pantaloon Retail India Ltd Research Methodology 50 employees from Pantaloon Retail India Ltd.

Marketing, finance, human resource and so on. In urban India, families are experiencing growth in income and dearth of time. In India and especially in metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta and Hyderabad, where the population is dense and consists of a high middle-class population, the concept of discount stores is graining a lot of acceptance.

Rural households in India form about 72 percent of the total households- a huge market. Sinceit has brought everything from stylish jeans and trousers to designer shirts and jackets to wardrobe across the country.Where Big Bazaar scores over other stores is its value for money proposition for the Indian customers.

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Retail Employees' Day Celebration - 12th December is celebrated as Retail Employees' Day. Sep 14,  · Kishore Biyani led the retail revolution in India but was also guilty of trying out too many things. Pantaloon's Retail Redo. By Samar customers baulked at buying items with higher sticker. Recently I read the book IT Happened in India which is a compendium of thoughts from the Future Group stable and the thoughts of none other than the King of retail, Mr.

Kishore Biyani.

Retailing in India (Recent Trends)

The book takes the reader through the evolution and the milestones in the business life of Mr. Biyani. department of management studies - batch list of candidates project titles and company mba student project list.

Consumer buying behaviour in pantaloons retail india
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