Consumer behaviour of burberry

In-depth interviews were chosen over Consumer behaviour of burberry groups as we felt that in-depth interviews, unlike focus groups, are able to create an atmosphere where candidates can be more introspective in their response.

This is congruent to our hypothesis of checks being an iconic design which is immediately associated with Burberry. For survey demographics, we asked respondents to indicate whether they are a current Burberry Consumer behaviour of burberry, their age and gender, and monthly disposable income.

Our survey results show that respondents mostly have a moderate emotional response towards the Burberry brand. This selection was further confirmed through consumer responses our in-depth interviews.

Hence we confined this component to the in-depth interview as it allowed us to conduct a more comprehensive testing. An interesting insight that differed from our initial hypothesis was that there was a stark difference in the judgments between users and non-users of the Burberry brand.

More than a third of the products destroyed were perfumes, which the company said was due to the rupture of its licence with US fragrances manufacturer Coty.

The manufacturers association Unifab, which defends intellectual property rights and combats counterfeiting, said there are different reasons firms destroy their unsold goods. From these results, we see that the apparel lines of Burberry is one of the stronger links by which consumers recall Burberry.

Fashion items with short cycles increases the amount of leftover stock and items destroyed. Follow us as we continue to explore the challenges faced by Burberry! Hence Burberry, although not primarily known by respondents for being boring and old, must steer clear of going down that path, as respondents would not like for it to be so.

The dominant colour scheme used by Burberry i. This cult-like brand loyalty necessarily attract a great attention to explore and examine how and why people become loyal to a certain brand and how brand identity can play a vital role in retaining them a loyal customer over a long time. She deplored the witch hunt against Burberry, saying that a "firm which destroys its products will certainly produce others, thus giving work to some of its staff".

The most frequently mentioned elements relate to the distinct design i. Relating this finding to our earlier associations, we deduce that consumers who value the style delivered by Burberry are people who appreciate the classic British style that Burberry brings to the wearer.

This causes them to have a low consideration for this brand. With the insights we gained from exploratory research, we have a better understanding of the different perceptions of Burberry. From our survey results, we can see that there is a low brand resonance among respondents above 40 years old.

While these were a compilation of our own association of Burberry, it was not representative of what others might think about the brand. This is worrying for the brand because this shows a lack of emotional connection to the brand. She deplored the witch hunt against Burberry, saying that a "firm which destroys its products will certainly produce others, thus giving work to some of its staff".

This is essential for us to determine their underlying motivations, beliefs and attitudes towards the Burberry brand. Feelings To understand the emotional responses and reactions towards the Burberry brand, we asked respondents to rate on a 5-point Likert scale on the strength of each of their following feelings towards the brand Very weak — Very strong.

This signifies that Burberry has little or no differentiation in these aspects, relative to its competitors. For these questions, we also included an optional entry box where respondents can fill in additional assocations different from the ones given.

In comparison, Burberry is not among the top three brands being chosen for bags.

#2: Brand Image

Out of all the feelings, self-respect and social approval were the stronger emotional responses evoked among respondents. Through brands such as Apple and Harley Davidson, people find meaning and experience community.

Judgment From our in-depth interview and survey results, Burberry has quite a mixed brand judgment among the older consumer segment. Responses gathered for cued recall reveal that awareness of Burberry is slightly lower than that of Chanel, Prada, LV and Gucci.

Self-destructive behaviour: Burberry not alone

It varies from brand to brand. Burberry said Thursday it had measures in place to minimise its amount of excess stock, that it takes its environmental obligations seriously and harnesses the energy from burning the items. Resonance To test the level of resonance for the brand, we asked respondents to rate on a 5-point Likert scale the extent that they argree with the following statements.

Specifically, Burberry comes in second for both instances when respondents are asked which brand s will they buy: Clear indications of the amount of products destroyed were not provided.

These were congruent to our hypothesis that the checks design and classic British sensibility were some of the characteristics able to differentiate Burberry from its competitors in the luxury market.Hence we infer that Burberry is able to command a strong top-of-mind recall once it falls within the consideration set of the consumer.

The challenge here is to extend its awareness to a wider group of consumers so that it becomes part of their consideration set when it comes to luxury fashion brands.

Burberry’s Bold Move: To Make Shows Direct to Consumer

But industry experts say Burberry is far from alone. "It is a widespread practice in the fashion industry, it's commonplace," said Arnaud Cadart, a portfolio manager at Flornoy and Associates who has previously followed the luxury industry as an analyst.

Structure Part 1 Consumer behavior in the cosmetic industry: to understand the pattern and 6 factors of consumer behavior in cosmetic business; Part 2 Consumer perceptions of Burberry and other premium brands: to understand the attitude that customers have towards Burberry and other luxury brands in cosmetics world and their strength in.

Distributed through Burberry stores as well as specialty retailers, Burberry is an international luxury brand with a distinctly British origin and sensibility. Dissertation Objectives To define brand identity after the review the current and classical literature in the context of. Burberry Group plc (BRBY) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review Summary Burberry Group plc (Burberry) is into the global luxury sector.

It works in the designing, marketing and sourcing of outerwear, women’s wear, men’s wear, non-apparel and children’s wear categories. This chapter reviews related literature pertaining to the study of (a) Brand, (b) Consumer Brand Perception with regards to the attributes like celebrity endorsement, store design and presentation and country of origin effects,(c) Luxury products and (d) Consumer .

Consumer behaviour of burberry
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