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This system also allows errors to be identified immediately, rather than a few days or weeks later. In respect to the denial management structure that was incorporated within the entire program points of service access were identified and improved in order to increase the revenue cycle for the facility.

For instance, first, the tools allowed them to develop queries on all aspects of Accounts Receivables for purpose of monitoring account-trends as well as identify the probable challenging areas of the entire new program.

Accessed on 21March at http: It eliminates the shock of getting a huge unexpected bill weeks later, in turn, patients are more satisfied. This is why it is so important for hospitals to get this right.

Patient friendly billing will examine the billing process as a California sutter health essay with an outcome that is expected to answer a lot of questions and close a lot of loop holes.

The technology offers a comprehensive revenue cycle management. This model is a product from the Vee Technologies which represents an arm of services that is based upon improvement in health sectors given that it possesses adequate experiences in the aforementioned sector.

The second part related to the training of the front desk based staff at reception. Communication is a big deal when it comes to billing and the hospitals business office needs to work with the payer organizations to make a better administrative relationship.

The California Sutter Health Approach - Research Paper Example

It also allows the hospital to collect exactly what the patient owes or gives them a jump start on getting the patient government assistance or qualified for charity care before they ever come in for their health service. The entity, as a non-profit organization, engaged in intense level of efforts in order to eliminate the California sutter health essay enormous annual debts.

It explained barriers in the billing system and how patient friendly billing would identify those issues and rectify them. In order to reduce these errors barriers need to be identified and solutions need to be put in place.

It gives examples of each and discusses other regulatory changes that need to be made in order to make patient billing for effective and less confusing.

The new system has made point of sale collections the norm for PFS staff, as we shall see below. It discusses how different healthcare organizations have implemented methods to create the most accurate bill for patients.

Hfm Healthcare Financial Management.

How One Provider Retooled Its Collections: The California Sutter Health Approach Essay Example

It breaks these down further into the following explanations. It should be noted that the immediate operation alterations were perceived to be a formidable empowerment tool for PFS staff useful for increasing cash collections amongst individual self-paying patients as well as in minimizing the Accounts Receivable days set for each registered patient.

Putting the Patient First.

The California Sutter Health Approach - Essay Example

It breaks each of these down and explains how they can be implemented. Having identified this benefit, it was now made apparent that the different account units develop working strategies that emphasized on single-working units rather than division of data across the different single departments.

California Sutter Health Essay Sample

Thus, the failure to access these set of data meant that special programmers could formulate the reports which was a costly after-affair since the process of identification and correction of issues within the reports were made even harder. This article discusses the importance of correct charge capture, pricing and how the two make patient access easier.

In the next article, Patient Friendly Billing Project: It should also be noted that the Sutter Health system adopted the use of MedAssets software. Consequently, the system has deployed newer accounting concepts which have California sutter health essay the levels of accountability within the different sections thus ensuring that misappropriation of resource funds is kept at bay.

However, with the adoption of the new system, implementation of new strategies became easier as collection of payments from self-paying patients were fast and efficient. Correct means that what is on the bill is in fact, the correct services rendered to the patient along with easy ways for the patient to ask questions about any services included on the bill.

Subsequently, it is ascertained that the system is relatively cheap to implement and maintain. It discusses what Concord Hospital, in Concord N. Offering education to patients is a big one. This article explains how to make a better bill.

The article goes on to explain that with pricing and payment up front, it actually makes patient access easier. Similarly, managers are equipped with their own range of supervisory level tool and reports, enabling them to query any aspect of receivables from time and performance-based to individual patient accounts, aging of accounts, reports on dues up to 18 months, problem patient accounts, average daily revenues and even anticipated collections.

This procedure ensured optimum levels of performance given that each individual patient-registration underwent a series of rule-tests engine before they were dismissed from the registration desk.

Patients are more likely to come into the hospital to seek treatment if they know up front what it will cost them. Second, the tools helped the PFS staff to process and sort patient-accounts in such unique ways as identification by dollar amounts, period of work and the payer details.

VeeBilling system ensures revenue maximization and claims minimization due to adoption of fairer ways of keeping accurate data. It should also include resources to request additional and more specific information about the bill. It should be noted that with the traditional system approach, monitoring of accounts departments was made challenging altogether.

Case Study Analysis: The California Sutter Health Approach

If we can educate our patient on how bills are made, how the hospitals decide to charge for and what not to charge for, etc.State your informed opinion of the approach used by California Sutter Health, and provide support using concepts from your research and personal experience.

Prepare a two page paper in APA format, that summarizes the articles and prepare an Please make sure this part is done annotated bibliography.

Essay on Sutter Health Provides Non-Profit Health Care to California Words | 8 Pages Sutter Health is a non-for-profit community based healthcare and hospital system based in Sacramento, CA.

How One Provider Retooled Its Collections: The California Sutter Health Approach Essay Example. Show related essays How One Provider Retooled Its Collections: The California Sutter Health Approach.

This is a preview of the 6-page document. Read full text. Free Essay: California Sutter Health Sharon Bauer ACC Christopher Stevens October 8, Imagine a business that could not properly handle its debts or.

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This research paper declares that sutter health provider is a non profit network found in Northern California based on community health care services. Free Essays Essay writing help.

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