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We understand that there are many moving parts to a business deal and can provide you with guidance to ensure things go as smoothly and profitably as possible. Alongside other professionals such as your tax professional, investment banker and attorney, we work to develop a comprehensive picture — legal, structural, operational and financial — of your business.

Generally they assist the client or estate in planning a will or trust, and can navigate all the laws, legal paperwork, and filings involved.

Alongside other professionals such as your tax professional and attorney, we work to develop a comprehensive picture — legal, structural, operational and financial — of your business.

These are drawn up and documented by a lawyer and are legally binding agreements. What is an estate attorney? Estate planning is designed to make the post-death process less hectic with everything from identifying heirs and asset distribution or sales to funeral arrangements, last will and testament documentation, and naming guardians for surviving minors.

They understand how to create the most financially advantageous position for the estate client as far as estate taxes. Some estate sales are done to empty a house in advance of a move, or if a house has been abandoned. We can work with you to properly value your business, create a succession plan designed to maximize its financial potential, and address the details essential to all parties concerned.

There can still be variables based on the size of the estate and complexity of the job. Filings, and other fees, can also influence the costs. The person who forms the trust is called a grantor or trust maker.

What is an estate sale? It minimizes the chaos that can happen to an estate upon the death or incapacitation of the trustee or owner. What is an estate or trust? However, not all estate sales are on behalf of the deceased. A revocable living trust covers all aspects of the trustee: If an estate has no heirs, or if the government has seized it for legal reasons, it might be liquidated at an estate sale.

Map and Directions Map and Directions Developing a comprehensive picture of your business You understand all too well the effort that goes into creating a successful business.

Getting Ready Regardless of how you are passing on the business, you may need at least two to three years to fully prepare your business for new leadership if you are not planning to continue in a leadership role. There are three main ways estate attorneys can charge for services: It is no surprise that a successful transition — whether it be selling all or part of your business or passing it on to an heir — requires substantial work as well.

A living trust is a legal entity that is set up to provide property and asset management during the lifetime and after death or incapacitation of the holder of the trust. Together, we ensure your interests are well represented as you transition out of your business and move on to the next stage of your life.

There are websites that list estate sales in your area. What is a living trust? Often they are responsible for managing the trust, but that task can also be assigned to an attorney or someone else to manage.

That person will then act as the trustee.Cost-Effective Information Technology Consulting Services in Staunton, VA and surrounding cities Our Services are custom-tailored to your exact needs. Do you simply need a second opinion before making a decision? Estate Planning Attorneys in Staunton on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Estate Planning Attorneys in Staunton, VA.

Start your search by typing in the business name below. We can work with you to properly value your business, create a succession plan designed to maximize its financial potential and address the details. Business Planning - Davis Financial Strategies - Staunton, VA.

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The City of Staunton will receive a $75, grant to conduct a flood study in parts of the west end of the City. The City applied for the grant to help property owners in the floodplain.

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